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A Diabetic at Work

Being diagnosed as diabetic can come as a shock; you may wonder, how serious is it? Is it going to impact on the quality or length of my life? How do I live with diabetes and manage a busy career and family?

Start Your Own Leadership Journey Today

Great leaders aren’t just born, it is a skill that can also be developed, explains Enda McNulty on this week’s Commit podcast. Great leaders are adaptable, are decisive, engage, empower, excite and enable those around them. Why not start on your own leadership journey today?

Top 10 things you can do to improve your workplace wellness

Here are the McNulty Performance’s top 10 things suggestions that you can do to improve your workplace wellness

Some Short and Simple tips for Workplace Wellbeing

McNulty Performance fitness and energy management advisers, Austin O’ Malley and Sean Draper talk to Enda about some of their best short and simple tips for making sure you are fit and healthy for work and daily living.

Pura Vida and Living Workplace Wellbeing Day 365 Days of the Year

Celebrating National Workplace Wellbeing, Enda and Austin explain why the principles of wellbeing are not simply for one day but must be lived 24/7.

Bringing Blue Zone Thinking to your Office Environment

With Workplace Wellbeing Day approaching, the McNulty Performance team shares their approach to maintaining personal wellbeing within our office space.

Are You Afraid of Failing?

How many times have you failed? Enda McNulty discusses how and why we need to overcome our fear of failure.

The Three Things We Can Learn from the Japanese Approach to Business and Life

Enda McNulty gives insight to how we can all try and introduce some of the Japanese mindset into our own personal and business lives.

We Can All Learn from Irish Rugby in Creating a Winning Culture

In light of Ireland’s Grand Slam win this weekend, Enda of McNulty Performance discusses how we can all learn from Irish Rugby in creating a winning culture.

Wellbeing is not just for January

Following on from our 12-day journey to bring balance and equilibrium in to your life, McNulty Performance encourage you to take a moment to refocus and re-evaluate those New Year’s goals.

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