Our Approach

Analysis Phase

In the analysis phase, we identify the problems, challenges and issues that your employees face across all roles, geographies and levels. We identify specific smart goals and strategic objectives. We aim to get a comprehensive insight into your culture; we get a strong understanding of your people and their drivers and performance de-railers. We start with these and work our way backwards towards tangible, practical solutions. We conduct numerous focus group sessions so that we connect at all levels and so that we understand the challenges and opportunities.

Design Phase

We design a masterplan in collaboration with an internal team from your company who want to own and drive this agenda. Our design phase is similar to the process that an architect follows. We create a V1 (version 1) and then immediately share and collaborate with your internal team so that we ensure we are aligned with the standards, expectations and rhythm of your business. At the end of the design phase we will have a world-class wellbeing and performance masterplan, which is customised specifically for your company.

Development Phase

Our team will develop the training programs, the online materials, the webinars, the workshops, the workbooks, the website portal, the courseware, the training sessions that will be delivered with the highest standards. All of these materials and sessions will be branded and customised according to your brand criteria.

Implementation Phase

We will focus on working very hard to ensure the training, the service and the solutions are all delivered with the highest quality, the least cost and the maximum impact. The implementation phase will consist of training sessions for large, medium and small groups of your organisation. It will involve 121 sessions. It will include a “big bang” launch session.
The implementation phase will entail delivering sessions, workshops, webinars and services at all levels. In essence there will be five strands to the implementation phase:

  1. The program management phase will ensure that we are always connected, we are frequently checking in with your HR team. This critical strand will involve scheduling sessions and teams and individuals. It will involve logistics and management of all activity with military precision.
  2. Performance and Wellbeing tools. These tools will be available to your employees online and in workshops. These tools will be science based but practically focused. For example, we will provide a simple online module on how to manage stress and maintain resilience in a fast paced working environment. One of the services that will be made available will be a comprehensive health check; our partners at the Beacon Hospital will ensure that this occurs with maximum care and efficiency.
  3. Wellbeing experiences and campaigns. These will launch the wellbeing and performance program as well as keep the entire workforce engaged with the support and services that are available to them. We have extensive experience in running launch events with several thousand employees, as well as running many small high-octane performance sessions. These events, experiences and campaigns will cater for everyone in the organization. We will run a series of sessions that will be totally inclusive irrespective of the hierarch or tenure at your company.
  4. Managers sessions will have a focus on how managers can become strong at managing the energy, wellbeing and performance of their teams. We will first of all educate all the managers about the pillars of wellbeing and performance after which we will educate and activate them to know how to manage and coach the wellbeing and performance of their teams. To illustrate this simply we will run train the trainer sessions for the managers so that they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their teams wellbeing and performance.
  5. Senior leaders are essential, as they must model the behaviors that they wish to see right throughout the organisation. We initially run a 2-day session off site on wellbeing and performance. This would act as the launch of the program for the leaders. We educate and activate the leaders to take ownership of their own wellbeing and performance and would seek commitment from the leaders about what actions they are going to take to help cascade positive behaviors throughout the organisation. We will run a follow up high impact session with the SLT every 90 days. We will provide 121 performance and wellbeing coaching sessions for the leaders as frequently as is required.
  6. Web based service and solutions will be essential. We will create a website portal so that the employees can log onto the site and book in for a fitness 121, a physical therapy session, or to attend a workshop on Nutrition. The website, Yammer page, Facebook page and intranet will all align with the tools, classes, resources and materials.
Evaluation Phase

The evaluation is imperative. The evaluation will begin at the design phase. We will build in relevant performance and wellbeing metrics in the design of the program. We will agree with the internal team what the key metrics will be.

  • We are science based, research driven & pitch proven
  • We apply positive psychology principals to everything we do
  • We embed the principals from the world’s best performance environments in your organisation
  • We are hunters for better ways of doing things; we will constantly be hunting on your behalf for game changing ideas or even for marginal gains
  • We partner with organisations to devise and deliver long term programs that create sustainable change
  • We are big believers in working with everybody in your organisation and treating them all the same. We will work with the janitor to the CEO
  • Ultimately we are an organisation that wants to work with you to transform your performance
  • We focus on tangible, pragmatic inputs and interventions to ensure the best outcomes