Our Story so Far!

Enda McNulty founded Motiv8 from a small room in a Dublin apartment 12 years ago. Through a combination of hard work, a lot of luck, creative thinking and being exceptionally resourceful, he shaped a global business with a truly impressive client list, from Ireland’s biggest sporting stars to global business leaders and beyond. In 2016, he and his team decided a rebrand was necessary, to allow them to drive forward into the future and to continue to create and deliver exceptional solutions for their global clients. McNulty Performance was born and the rest, as they say, is history…

We are McNulty Performance

McNulty Performance partner with people, teams and organisations across all performance crucibles to enable them achieve their potential.

We have worked with Olympians, professional sports stars and mountain climbers, the world’s top dancers and of course, the biggest names in business at the top of their game.

McNulty Performance understand that by telling someone how to be the best performer does not create change! Instead we have a track record that is second to none, in which we partner with people, to enable and coach them to grow into their best self and achieve their true potential by using our secret sauce!