“I still remember our first introduction, this man has energy Is aid to myself. 3 years later he and his elite team have it in abundance- relentless I’d say. Values driven, humble (too humble sometimes), motivated by your potential, committed to your journey and bound to supporting you along the way. This team, led by Endas passion for life, has stables filled with world class sporting and business leaders….working at peak performance is were Motiv8 accelerates you. Great friends, Great team and Great results.”

“In the last decade Enda McNulty and Motiv8 have been supporting the greatest of greats in Irish sports. I guarantee you ,likewise, this decade with the greatest of Irish business leaders. McNulty is a GAA sporting legend but his real legacy will be being one of our most progressive business leaders, supporting others in achieving their true potential along the way both in sport and business!”

Martin Bailie

“I have worked now with McNulty Performance for some time but most intensively over the last number of months on the design and delivery of an exciting new Development Programme for a number of our talented upcoming leaders across the BMS network.

I have been very impressed by the energy and creativity that they have put into that work and in their ability and desire to challenge us as a client in order to get the best out of what we are trying to achieve. In particular, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Enda and the team at the delivery stage of the process wherein their core values and capabilities really do shine and make an impact. I look forward to our continued partnership into the future as we continue to develop the capabilities of our leaders”

John Keogh
HR Leader