McNulty Performances invites you on a journey to bring balance and equilibrium back into your life, we ask you to narrow your focus on your wellbeing during this restorative period.

We at McNulty Performance hope you enjoy your New Year Wellness Journey

The following Wellness Program takes you on a journey where we ask you to really focus and Commit on one aspect of wellness each day, so as to really understand and connect with the program and its benefits.

We at McNulty Performance believe that by becoming more conscious and connected to our bodies, we gain a greater understanding and appreciation of ourselves and how the body responds to our investment in it.

Day 1 Focus on Nutrition

Nutrition is a key part of our overall wellbeing, as it brings energy and nutrients in to the body.

Today we ask you to completely focus on your nutrition. Eat five meals, compromising of three large meals and two small high protein snacks. At each meal, we ask you to focus on clean unprocessed foods, using a good source of lean protein at each meal time, while minimizing simple refined carbohydrates. Our protein distribution over the course of today should be maintained throughout. Over this twelve day wellness reboot, our nutrition should always be a priority and a focus.

Day 2 Focus on Exercise

Today we encourage you to partake in one hour of vigorous exercise which elevates your heart rate and leaves you out of breath. This could be a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session (completed as a cardio session), a strength session or a combination of both. Exercise is paramount to our overall wellbeing. It helps build muscle mass and to develop a stronger Cardiovascular system (Heart & Lungs) while increasing blood flow and oxygen around the body, bringing vital nutrients to our working muscles and increasing our red blood cell count. In order to reap the extra benefits of the twelve day reboot, exercise or movement can be incorporated daily.

Day 3 Focus on Hydration

Today our sole focus is our hydration. We will ensure to take on board 3ltrs of water starting with a full glass when we rise in the morning before breakfast, and consuming the rest troughout the day as we go about our daily schedule. Good hydration improves concentration levels, helps the removal of harmful toxins from the system and has been shown to help remove other waste byproducts from the body. Consume most, (if not all ) of your water intake between the morning, late afternoon and early evening. The consumption of water late at night may disturb your natural sleep pattern, forcing you to wake during the night to use the bathroom. Now, over the course of this twelve day wellness reboot, we encourage you to be equally as diligent around your hydration as you were today.

Day 4 Focus on Outdoor Activity

Today we return to nature as we ask you to find a quiet place (outdoors!) and be present while you interact with your surroundings. This could take the form of your garden, a local park, the beach or an area of woodland. Here, we ask you to observe the sights and sounds around you as you interact with your natural surroundings and soak in the beautiful colours of the day.

Day 5 Focus on Quality Sleep

Today we totally focus on sleep. Sleep is the “silver bullet” of wellness as it helps to regulate our overall wellbeing. This is one of the only periods where the body gets to shut down and restore itself at a cellular level. Here the body gets a chance to regenerate itself and rebuild its structural framework from the inside out. We recommend that you get between 8-10 hours sleep tonight and upon wakening, record how you feel both mentally and physically. Over the twelve day wellness reboot, you should strive to replicate this sleep pattern. If you do not manage to do so, please work in a 40 minute nap the following day to keep your sleep bank topped up.

Day 6 Mind Set Audit

Today we engage in a Mindset Audit. Here, we ask you to pose this question to yourself – Do I have a Closed Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset? – Please write your findings down showing relevant examples of where you have operated with either approach. Please reflect on the benefits of operating with a growth mindset over our twelve day wellness reboot. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  of someone operating from a Growth mindset are; – they seek feedback –  they are open to new challenges – they look at old things in a new way – they are problem solvers – they are optimistic – they are open to change –  they are open to new experiences and view the world as abundant with opportunities to better oneself.

Day 7 Focus on Energy Management

Today we ask you to focus on your Energy Pillars within the body.

Our 4 energy pillars are Emotional EnergyPhysical EnergyMental EnergySpiritual Energy.

All of the energy pillars above can be manipulated or worked on by completing an activity that focuses on them i.e. Emotional Energy – through expressing emotions that may be bothering you by means of having an emotional dump. Physical Energy – by activating your physical frame and releasing your physical energy through engaging with any type of movement. Mental Energy – by completing a task that requires you to focus for a sustained period.  Spiritual Energy – by engaging in prayer or meditation or aligning with your higher purpose. Unlike time, energy is not finite and we can replenish our stores. It is vital that we learn to manage our energy and become efficient with its use. We should be mindful of our energy management as we move through our twelve day wellness reboot.

Day 8 Focus on Family and Community

Today we focus our attention solely on our family and wider community and interact with them in a loving, giving and meaningful way. A key part of our overall wellness is our ability to build and strengthen our connections to place. Today we use our family and community bonds to accomplish this. We ask you to spend quality time with both, and give of your time freely with an air of gratitude attached. Go connect with your people and place, go breathe life into old relationships and old places of attachment.

Day 9 Focus on Meditation

Today we ask you to meditate for two twenty minute periods. One in the early morning upon awakening and the other in the early evening. If you are not an experienced meditator, all we ask is you sit in silence for twenty minutes with complete focus on your breathing while staying present in the moment. Meditation is a fantastic way to quiet the mind and allows us to really observe our thought process over the duration. Meditation has been proven to lower heart rate and has excellent restorative values in relation to overall physical and mental health.

Day 10 Focus on Stretching and Flexibility

Today we treat ourselves to a warm bath of Epsom salts, where we submerge ourselves for 20min and relax. This allows all the tension from the festive period drain from our limbs. After drying off, go to the floor and engage with an overall full body stretch, engaging both the upper and lower extremities. Each stretch should be held for 20 seconds and repeated 3 times. While carrying out our stretching and flexibility work we should again be present and focus on our breathing throughout.

Day 11 Central Nervous System Awakening

Today we ask you to start your day by contrast bathing. Here, we ask you alternate your morning shower temperature between hot and cold, 5 times for 20 seconds at each temperature, finishing on a cold period. Dry off and embrace the renewed energy and alertness coursing through your Central Nervous System as you attack your day with renewed vigor.

Day 12 Focus on Equilibrium within the body

Today we hand it over to you, as you now have a reservoir of knowledge, ideas and tools to build your own unique wellness experience for today. All we ask of you today, is to have fun as you engage in a number of the above activities throughout the day. We also encourage you to reflect today and perhaps do review of the year past and establish some goals for the coming year.


Bounding into the New Year

Today, we would also ask that you sit down and reflect on your success, learnings and achievements. You will find this time invaluable. Buy yourself a 2018 diary (or put that Christmas present to good use!) and write down a review of how well you have done in each of the most important areas of your life in 2017 (See Wheel of Life Below). Once you have done this, begin to plan your goals for 2018.

Aim to set meaningful goals in the areas of your life you are genuinely interested in progressing.

Make sure the goals that you write down are SMARTER.   Specific – Measureable – Action orientated – Realistic – Exciting – Reviewable.

When you write your goals then try to write a SIMPLE PLAN that will lead to you achieving your goals. Research proves only about four percent of people have goals written down with an even lower percentage having a plan written down on how they are going to achieve their goals.

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