Aimed at mid to senior level managers, our Leadership Programmes comprise of a dynamic mix of theory, implementation, subject matter experts, group discussion and experiential learning in highly engaging physical and digital interactive formats.

Our leadership programmes are designed for individuals who need to build the capabilities to lead across national and international boundaries and will challenge them to become better leaders professionally and personally.

Leaders are taught how to adopt a Growth Mindset to achieve their potential and set high standards for themselves on their leadership journey.

We educate and coach on the fundamentals of Energy Management as a method of sustaining peak performance.

Our Programmes last a minimum of 6 months and maximum of 18 months to ensure that behavioural change is embedded into your teams, leaders and organisation.

These programmes allow leaders to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self and how to leverage signature strengths

  • Align themselves with the strategic direction of their organisation

  • Lead strategically and with more impact

  • Develop the resilience and agility to thrive within their environment

  • Be accountable within their organisation

  • Improve their confidence and capabilities and establish their personal leadership philosophy

  • Communicate more efficiently and effectively throughout their organisation

  • Understand the importance of strengthening and leveraging their network

  • Help create a sustainable culture of feedback within their organisation