Here at McNulty, we take corporate social responsibility seriously. Our vision is to transform lives – to coach, educate, train and develop people around the world, and that doesn’t stop with our clients. Social responsibility is hardwired into our DNA. We strive to make a difference in the lives of all of the people that we come into contact with.

We have two formal charitable partners. Let’s talk about those first.

St Vincent Boys School, on the banks of the Royal Canal in Dublin, was set up in 1904. There are 101 boys and 14 teachers in the school. Many of these kids come from underprivileged backgrounds, and their families struggle to provide the basics, let alone the things that the boys need to thrive.

Over the Easter break, Enda and Alison Scully, the school’s Home School Community Liaison Coordinator went shopping for supplies, then travelled around delivering them to those families most in need of support during the COVID emergency. This donation was thanks to a programme we ran with Amazon Web Services, of which 10% of the cost was donated to St Vincent Boys’ School.

Our other formal partner is Kako’s Kids, a Haitian organisation that aims to improve the daily lives of disadvantaged children through sport and education. We first heard about Kako a few years ago in the course of our work with Digicel in Haiti.

Kako – real name Jacques Bourjolly – is a famous Haitian comedian. Since it’s foundation in 2010, Kako’s Kids has renovated orphanages, built sports facilities and conducted several toy, clothes, book, and back-to-school drives. Kako’s Kids also holds basketball summer camps for street children. During the COVID emergency, Kako provided over 1,000 drums to set up hand-cleaning stations for those without access to soap or clean water.

The simple truth underlining all of this work is that you can’t develop leadership capability or realise human potential if basic needs are not met.

Our CSR strategy isn’t limited to these however. A percentage of all of our programme fees is donated to our charitable partners.

And if we spot a situation where we think we can help, we help. The McNulty team works pro bono with a wide range of individuals, from business leaders to medical specialists to sports people, helping them to maximise their impact in the world.