If you have ever tried to facilitate as well as actively participate in an offsite or with remote teams, whether physically or online, you’ll know how difficult it can be to perform both roles effectively.

McNulty’s offsite and remote team facilitations use thought-provoking and creative techniques that inspire team members to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Prior to core session delivery, our facilitation coaches meet with the Senior Leadership team for an initial analysis and design phase. At this point, goals and strategy for the offsite are set in accordance with the team’s specific challenges and objectives.

By using McNulty’s offsite facilitation offering;

  • We challenge your team’s thinking to produce a higher level of engagement and ownership of the outcomes
  • We actively keep you focused on the outputs and doing what’s right for the collective benefit of the team and the business
  • We evaluate, strengthen, and align the team’s vision and goal
  • We help each member understand their personal responsibilities in the new plan
  • We specialise in surfacing and dealing with the behavioural challenges that will arise
  • We recognise the investment in time that needs to be made to run a successful offsite; by entrusting McNulty you can dedicate your full time during the event and gain a greater return on the investment