Aimed at mid to senior level managers, our Online Leadership Programmes comprises of a dynamic mix of theory, audio, video, questions, tools, discussions and experiential learning to help you become a true leader.

Our leadership programmes are designed for individuals who need to build the capabilities to lead across national and international boundaries and will challenge them to become better leaders professionally and personally. The program is aimed at busy executives that have high demands on their time to focus only on the truly important elements.

Leaders are brought on a journey focusing on three main modules:

  • Self Leadership

  • Team Leadership

  • Organisational Leadership

From setting your vision & mission to how to adopt a growth mindset, maximising your energy consistently for performance, perfecting your communication impact, cultivating a winning culture, leading high performance teams, through to total leadership and leading your organisation through change, this programme is truly life-changing.

For maximum impact the Online Leadership Programmes is delivered over 12 months to ensure that behavioural change is embedded into you, your teams, leaders and organisation. Successful completion of the programme entitles the participant to receive a McNulty leadership diploma and to become a part of the McNulty Alumni family. Most importantly successfully completing the program ensures that the participant has the tools, skills and confidence to be a true authentic leader.



1. Vision & Mission

Our leadership programmes begins with your vision and mission. The importance of having a clear vision of what you want to achieve in business and in life is the crucial first step to having wellbeing in both. From setting out a vision to articulating the associated mission statement and setting goals this is the crucial starting point for any aspiring leader. The McNulty Massive Action Plan template is also defined to ensure that you build sustained momentum.

2. Growth Mindset & Resilience

Today’s authentic leader has to have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. To achieve this, keystone habits and daily rituals both at home and in the workplace need to be developed and honed. Moreover, any leader should expect and anticipate adversity and how setbacks should be handled. Great examples of people with a growth mindset and resilience in business and in human endeavor provide inspiration.  The 5 key proven steps to achieve a growth mindset ensure leaders remain focused and energized.

3. Energy Management

Burn out and stress are unfortunately becoming more common particularly in high demanding corporate roles. Technology which is hugely beneficial has also blurred the lines of home and work life. In such an ultra competitive, more demanding environment energy management is crucial for optimum performance. The McNulty principles and 5 key pillars of energy management are developed and discussed along with the science behind this crucial component for the Leader. The McNulty Energy Management survey is also delivered to highlight key areas to implement life habits to ensure you will always perform at your best consistently.

4. Signature Strengths

Knowing what makes you different and playing to YOUR signature strengths is critical for success.

  • What activities energize you?
  • What do you do each day that gives you a buzz?
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What are the things that you succeed at, at work or personally without any effort?
  • When do you find it easiest to pay attention?
  • What are the things you learn most quickly and effortlessly?
  • What do you look forward to in your day or your week or your year?

The McNulty Signature Strength Survey helps to highlight your signature strengths from a total of 24 types helping you to know where you are unique and naturally better than the person sitting next to you.


Section 1. Cultivating a winning culture

The importance of a winning culture was underscored in Bain & Company’s worldwide survey of management trends: 91% of the 1,200 senior executives surveyed agreed that “culture is as important as strategy for business success.”  Leaders need to consider their existing company culture and how it can be improved. In this module, we discuss cultural audits, values and team alignment that will support this move towards a collaborative, competitive, winning culture.

Section 2: Emotional Intelligence

Using case studies of those with high and low EQ, we consider the impact that it has in the workplace. Neuroscience explains that EQ can continue to be developed throughout life, and is not fixed until an individuals’ mid-40s, as opposed to IQ which peaks at 17/18. We therefore consider how to improve on EQ, using emotional data that surrounds us every day.

Section 3: Effective Communications

The words a leader speaks are important, of course. But how they’re delivered can make all the difference, especially in tough times. This module addresses the impact leadership communications can have on a company in good times and bad and offers a how-to guide to initiating effective leadership communications in your organization.

Section 4: Leading a High Performance Team

Using engaging case studies from successful teams across business and pro-sport, this module outlines the dynamics of teams and what drives high performance, or conversely, dysfunctional behaviours. Wisdom lies in recognizing a team’s unique potential to deliver results and in understanding its many benefits — development of individual members, team accomplishments, and stronger company-wide performance.

Supplementary Section: Communications Masterclass

In this bonus section we provide a separate stand-alone masterclass series to help individuals become highly impactful communicators. The art of story telling, preparation and rehearsal methodologies, tempo routines, in-room tips and techniques are just some of the areas covered to transform individuals from poor communicators into world class speakers capable of delivering highly engaging presentations in front of thousands of individuals is something we take pride in achieving with our clients.


Section 1: Thinking as a Strategic Leader

Developing leaders to drive strategic change requires a specific focus. When leaders craft and embrace a strategy, they are committing to undertake one set of actions rather than another in endeavouring to make the company successful in the marketplace and achieve good business performance.

Section 2: Total Leadership Part 1

Based on decades of research and practice, Total Leadership is a proven method for creating sustainable change as a leader. In this module, you will explore what and who matter most and then innovate to produce “four-way wins” that are meaningful not only for your work, your family, your community, or your private self (mind, body, spirit), but for all these different domains.

Section 3: Total Leadership Part 2

Continuing with the concept of Total Leadership, we explore the key principles of the concept:

  • Being real: Act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important.
  • Being whole: Act with integrity by respecting the whole person.
  • Being innovative: Act with creativity by experimenting with how things get done.

We will use a series of tools to identify stakeholders, design experiments and explore possibilities that will create small wins to drive big change across all four facets of your life.

Section 4: Leading Through Change

Successfully managing change is one of biggest challenges that modern organizations face. Research has found that there are three key skills provide the necessary connection between the ‘process’ part of change and the ‘people’ part of change. These 3 C’s drive effective change leadership: Communication, Collaboration and Commitment.

Supplementary Section: A Framework for A Unified Aligned Leadership Team

In this final bonus section we provide you the tools to create a cohesive aligned leadership team. The clear objective is to ensure that the mission and vision of the organisation filters through to every individual and to every action of that individual as part of a unified, disciplined organisation. In true McNulty fashion we bring fun, honesty and relentless ambition into the mix. Alignment of values, goals, strategies, tactics and measurements employed throughout the organisation ensures a culture of leadership that drives positive results for the organisation, its people, their families and their communities.