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Andy Mahon

Proactive Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead

With a firm belief that mental health and wellbeing should be proactively worked on, maintained and optimised on a regular basis, Andy brings passion and knowledge from the fields of mental health, wellbeing and psychology to his role as Proactive Mental Health and Wellbeing partner at McNulty.


Drawing on a wealth of learning with a MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology and experience conducting mental health research and developing a novel mental health initiative for Irish Nurses in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Andy has a deep passion for helping individuals proactively optimise their wellbeing and ensuring those dealing with mental health and wellbeing issues receive the assistance they need to return to their best possible selves.


Andy works closely with organisations and individuals in his key role as the McNulty Wellbeing Shepherd to provide proactive support to achieve these goals. Outside of his role at McNulty, Andy has a love for all things sport, performance, and health and wellbeing. On any given day you could probably find him trying to lift the heaviest thing in the gym or running in the rain training for his first marathon.

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