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Dr Mary Collins

Leadership Psychologist

Dr Mary is a Coaching Psychologist with over 15 years of  experience in the field of Leadership Development & Talent Management. Her current role as Senior Executive Development Specialist with RCSI Institute of Leadership involves working with senior leaders in the healthcare sector to develop their management and leadership capabilities through a range of executive development and academic programmes.


Dr Mary is the McNulty team’s expert on all things related to leadership. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to elevate future leaders to the next level and maximises the leadership performance of global business leaders as one of our executive coaches.


Mary’s passions and main research interests are Women in Leadership, the Multigenerational Workplace and Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.


Mary is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach and Coach Assessor with the Association of Coaching and a Council Member of Irish Institute of Training and Development. Mary’s doctoral research has been published as part of the book ‘Managing Professionals & other Smart People’, and she is currently writing a book on ‘Recruiting Talented Professionals’.

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