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Leo Tiernan

Head of Performance & Wellbeing

Leo heads the P&W team, enhancing performance of individuals and teams by designing and implementing the wellbeing aspect of each of our holistic programmes. An experienced corporate wellness professional, Leo has a passion for optimising all aspects of human performance and wellbeing.


Leo has over ten years of experience building health and wellness programmes for leading global organisations which include Google, Digicel, KPMG, Lagan, Clontarf Rugby FC and the IRFU. Leo’s role as Head of Performance & Wellbeing at McNulty is focused on building lasting solutions to improve employee performance and wellness based on a deep understanding of clients’ business and how wellbeing influences the performance and productivity of its people.


Leo leads the McNulty P&W team on each of our holistic programmes and believes that the future of sustainable leadership means investing in the wellbeing of leaders and employees as a fundamental part of any organisation.

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