Transform Your Business


1. Performance:

We take a holistic approach to designing programmes for individuals, teams and organisations. They cover everything from nutrition and energy management to resilience and developing a growth mindset. These programmes are designed to educate, transform and accelerate the development of individuals, teams and organisations.

Our programmes are fully customisable in a way which merges cutting edge research and science with inspiration, experiential learning and subject matter expertise. Our programmes always incorporate learnings, teachings and thought leadership from a wide array of performance crucibles including, Business, Professional Sports, Performing Arts, Adventure and Not-for-profit Organisations.

 Partnership and Programme Results: 

Programmes result in improvements to great place to work scores, project completion, increases in sales and profitability, talent retention, significant results improvement and creating sustainable lasting change.

 High Performance Team (HPT) Development: 

Our High Performance Team Development programmes coach, train, educate, and inspire teams and organisations to significantly raise the bar in performance. They are designed to challenge and energise.

Following an initial deep diagnostic of the business, our specialists work closely with Leadership teams, HR teams and programme champion(s) to create a customised performance master plan, with tangible success metrics and KPI’s.

Typical topics Covered in a HPT Programme Include:

  • Definitions and Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
  • High Performance Team Examples
  • Team Dysfunctions
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • High Performance Team Coaching
  • Leading High Performance Teams

Typical Duration:

1-2 Day Workshop  (Super-short Term programme)

6-12 weeks (Medium Term programme)

6-18 months (Long Term programme) 

Leadership Development Programmes:

Our Leadership Development programmes work with the senior executives in an organisation to give them an understanding of how high performing teams do what they do. We equip them with the tools they will need to build their own high performing teams.

We have seen our leadership development programmes implemented in many of the world’s top-performing businesses, including Microsoft, Bristol Myers Squib, Facebook, Digicel, Intel and Amazon.

Typical Leadership Development Programme Topics Include:

  • Learn from the world’s best leaders.
  • Understand Key Leadership Characteristics
  • Become educated and inspired by our Total Leadership Model
  • Experience game changing leadership challenges
  • Meet World class athletic leaders

Typical Duration:

6-12 weeks (Medium Term programme)

9-18 months (Long Term programme)

1:1 Performance Coaching:

Our one-to-one coaching sessions are tailored to the specific goals of the senior executive, and structured to blend into his or her busy schedule. These sessions are backed up with round-the-clock support, and include:

  • Discovering your strengths
  • Determining your mission
  • Confidence coaching
  • Resilience coaching
  • Energy management coaching
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Planning for peak performance
  • Becoming an effective executive

Achieving peak performance centres on implementing the right rituals, then monitoring those rituals to ensure you remain on track. By focusing on pitch-proven strategies to improve performance, we will enable you to unlock your full potential.

Typical Duration:

6-10 sessions over 6-12 months (60 minutes or 90 minutes)

Growth Mindset Programmes 

The McNulty Performance Team create growth mindset sessions and programmes to cascade throughout your team or organisation that will enable them to nature a growth mindset. Again these sessions/programmes are based on the science and research of worldwide thought leaders.

Growth mindset programmes are based on our experience working with people at the highest level in business, sports, performing arts and adventure.

We will inspire your team on what is growth mindset, we will educate them on how to develop growth mindset, we will make sure that growth mindset is made relevant in the context of your performance crucible, we will challenge thinking on how to make a growth mindset sustainable and we will advise and coach in regard to creating the day-to-day infrastructure that enables long-term sustainable change throughout your team or organisation.

Typical Duration:

Typically 3 – 6 months

2. Culture

High Performance Culture Programmes:

Company culture is what the organisation stands for. It’s ‘the way we do things’. A recent Harvard Business Review analysis of the academic literature on leadership and corporate culture found that ‘culture can release tremendous amounts of energy towards a shared purpose and foster an organisation’s capacity to thrive.’

Without a positive corporate culture, employees will struggle to see the real value in their work. This can lead to a variety of negative consequences – most particularly for the bottom line.

We are passionate about partnering with businesses to get under the bonnet of their culture. We examine everything; the approach to leadership, business strategy, the capability mix, mindsets, behaviours and ways of working. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we design a cultural masterplan which fuses culture with strategy to deliver hard, measurable results.

Typical Duration: 

Typically 6-24 months

3. WellbeingWellbeing isn’t something you simply practise in the workplace, it’s an entire way of life. We design and deliver game-changing wellbeing programmes that improve health, boost energy and transform performance.

It begins with a comprehensive scan of the current wellbeing of the organisation in order to gain a thorough understanding of existing mindsets, practices and behaviours. We then work with individuals, teams and organisations to build the infrastructure that facilitates lasting wellbeing change. Our programmes are based not alone on our extensive experience, but on pitch-proven strategies and the most up-to-date research. Most importantly, we live what we have learned. In our lives, in our organisation, we continually strive to make our own wellbeing everything it can be.

Our approach is holistic, and embraces physical, mental, emotional, social, career and financial wellbeing. The programmes we deliver are imaginative, and seek both to educate and to inspire. We promise to revolutionise wellbeing in your organisation.

4. Keynotes/ExperiencesWith 15 years experience delivering Keynote Experiences around the world in Papua New Guinea, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Madrid, Ireland, Jamaica and New York to name but a few, McNulty Performance have come to understand how to truly inspire, engage, challenge thinking and how to become a hugely positive influence on teams and organisations.

Forget death by PowerPoint. Expect to be entertained. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be woken up. There will be action and interaction, there will be movement and music.

We have created a dynamic culture in McNulty Performance. The drive to energise, inspire and transform permeates everything we do. In our experiences and keynotes, we seek to transform an audience from passive onlookers to active participants. The aim is not simply to create memorable experiences but to bring about a mindset shift; to kick-start something life-changing.