Professional Sport

Since the company was founded in 2005, McNulty Performance  has worked closely with elite athletes from rugby, soccer, Gaelic games, golf and track & field. Our sporting clients include Ireland Rugby, Leinster Rugby, premiership footballers, olympians and golfers, together with a wide variety of world class athletes.

Our wider team have profound experience in business, professional sport, performing arts and adventure. Collectively, the McNulty Performance team’s experiences enable them to understand the day-to-day challenges of professional athletes.

We will work with your players and management to develop a long term partnership, the sole aim of which will be to unlock your team or athlete’s full potential.

The various Programmes we develop, design and deliver in Professional Sport are:

  1. Performance:

Building High Performance Teams

We help management and coaches to build a unified winning team. Drawing on best practice from the fields of business, professional sport, performing arts and adventure, our team of experts collaborate with management to identify the challenges and issues that the player/team faces with regard to the game; at home, on the pitch and in life.

We will then work with management to customise a world class programme for the player/team. They will be provided with all the coaching, training, advice, tools and support they will need to achieve their goals.

Sustaining Peak Performance

What makes our programmes unique is our approach to energy management in relation to attaining and sustaining peak performance.

We are committed to educating the team and players to develop the skills allowing them to achieve sustainable peak performance on a consistent basis and under pressure.

We will educate participants on key building blocks for best performing in the sporting world providing insight on how to build these blocks and sustain them.

We will work relentlessly on building team confidence, resilience and mental training. Our education and experience has taught us confidence and mental training like a muscle, needs to be conditioned, trained and coached 300 days of the year.

2. Culture:

Developing Winning Leaders on and off the pitch

Over the past fifteen years, we have mentored leaders at the very highest levels of international sport.

We take leaders through the process of developing a growth mindset, allowing them to see the opportunity in adversity. We provide players with new ways of thinking about old problems and give them the tools to overcome those problems.

Our methodology for building leadership throughout your organisation is experiential where we challenge leaders to lead in pressurised scenarios, through educational workshops and supported by access to online information, articles and blended learning. We believe firmly that developing leaders right throughout your team and organisation is “as valuable as gold.”

Developing High Performance Culture on and off the pitch

The culture of any organisation, whether it’s in the corporate world or the world of sport, is the key to its success. Creating a positive, winning culture is all about aligning individual goals and values with those of the club.

We are passionate about partnering with managers to create the culture that will underpin success.

We begin with an analysis of the club’s current strategy, mindset, approach to leadership and ways of working. From there, we work with management to develop a culture fully in line with the club’s goals, and which will provide a foundation for the success which will follow.

3. Mindset:

Mental toughness training

We will devise mental toughness training sessions for the team and the players aligned with the goals of the team. We will develop the team’s mental toughness capacity.

Resilience Building 

We will ensure that the management  and players understand how to build and sustain mental resilience over the course of a season.

Developing Growth Mindset in your team and organisation.

The McNulty Performance Team create growth mindset sessions and programmes to cascade throughout your team or organisation that will enable them to nature a growth mindset. Again these sessions/programmes are based on the science and research of worldwide thought leaders.

Growth mindset programmes are based on our experience working with people at the highest level in business, sports, performing arts and adventure.

We will inspire athletes/teams on what is growth mindset, we will educate them on how to develop growth mindset, we will make sure that growth mindset is made relevant in the context of professional sport. We will challenge thinking on how to make a growth mindset sustainable and we will advise and coach in regard to creating the day-to-day infrastructure that enables long-term sustainable change for athletes and teams.