McNulty Wellbeing Week


The McNulty Wellbeing Week is a unique programme customised to the needs of your employees. Education and content is delivered virtually through fun, engaging and inspirational daily sessions.


The campaign hosts a variety of subject matter experts to deliver on areas of expertise such as stress management, sleep, nutrition, rest and recovery and proactive mental health, while a dedicated host facilitates every live session to ensure consistency and connectivity.


Each day a selection of specially curated tools and learning resources like podcasts, videos, articles, books, top tips and more is shared with participants to encourage continued self-led learning. We also use team and individual daily challenges to keep the campaign connected, fun and engaging.



Campaign Objectives


  • Reconnect with colleagues and increase engagement
  • Inspire and educate employees on the importance of wellbeing
  • Provide tools and resources to help re-energize people and positively impact performance
  • Improve social connection and cohesion between colleagues and teams
  • Inspire a healthy and high performing workforce
  • Create a more attractive workplace culture and reduce attrition rate


Below we have a sample campaign week outlining daily topics to create a well-rounded, educational and fun Wellbeing Week.




Performance & Wellbeing


In this launch session we hear from our Head of Performance & Wellbeing about our holistic approach to wellbeing and how wellness impacts every aspect of your life from physical and mental performance, health and longevity and personal happiness.


We also hear from a guest speaker from the world of professional sport on the impact of wellbeing in sustaining high performance.




Optimise Your Mind


Everything we say, do or experience comes from our brain, so optimizing our minds is one of the most important and effective means of enhancing our performance and wellbeing.


This session will provide you  with the tools to be proactive in optimizing your mental health, how you deal with stress and how to achieve a superior functioning mind.




Optimise Your Body


When functioning optimally our body is the most advanced and complex piece of technology we will ever possess. To ensure optimal performance and wellbeing, we need to be intentional and prioritise how we care for this machine on a daily basis.


This masterclass is designed to give you the knowledge and tools needed to ensure you can get your body to a state of peak performance through the key components of physical wellbeing.




Optimise Your Environment


Our surroundings at work and at home plays a key role in our overall performance and wellbeing. How we work, where we work, the environment we live in and the way in which we interact with others are key areas we need to enhance to optimize our wellbeing.


This masterclass will teach you how to optimize your environment to enhance performance and wellbeing. It will also highlight the power of strong social connection, meaningful relationships and effective communication.




Habits & Behaviour Change


Even when we know what is best for our wellbeing, despite our best intentions, it can be difficult to maintain healthy behaviors and incorporate them into our daily lives.


To consolidate the learnings of the week and to turn these lessons into sustainable long-term habits, this masterclass draws on the latest techniques derived from the fields of neuroscience and psychology to give your team practical tools to turn behaviours into habits to make a real, long term impact on their performance and wellbeing.

The week was great – lovely to see the smiles, the energy and the positive energy around the office.

I do hope it continues and want to be an advocate for this social & wellbeing focus change.​”



Ciara Maddock, Global Communications Manager, Kingspan

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