Our High Performance Team Programme


McNulty aim to inspire your team to perform to their greatest combined potential.


Aimed at teams committed to significantly raising the bar in their performance, our High Performance Programmes coach, train, educate and inspire teams to rise to the next level. With an emphasis on enhancing leadership, communication skills and teamwork, sessions focus on the fundamentals which are often overlooked.


Following an initial in-depth diagnostic to establish an understanding of your organisation and team we create a customised performance master plan, with tangible success metrics and KPIs/OKRs.


By aligning with the culture, values and strategic goals of your organisation we emphasise and enhance your team’s capabilities to maximise performance. 

The goal of our HPT programme is to develop participants into an exceptional, high-performing, cohesive, proactive and winning team by:

  • Enhancing the trust, communication and psychological safety within the team
  • Building a culture of collaboration to prevent the development of a silo mentality

  • Reinforcing the team dynamic by leveraging individual’s strengths

  • Educating the team to communicate more efficiently and effectively

  • Developing the mindset and resilience needed to thrive within their environment

  • Embedding values and behaviours that support a sustainable high performance culture

  • Educating the team in Energy Management to support and sustain peak performance

  • Supporting and facilitating the long-term strategic direction of the company

“We gained invaluable insight into communication, leadership, growth mindset and motivating our teams in a remote working environment…. The skills that we learned will stay with us following the end of the programme and will continue to inspire the growth of our teams and organisation.​”



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