Our Corporate Performance & Wellbeing Programmes


Workplace wellbeing is a top priority today, largely because of the widespread belief that it supports organisational performance. Yet many organizations are missing the biggest opportunity for wellbeing to drive performance: integrating wellbeing into the design of the work itself. If employers place employee wellbeing at the centre of their business model and view it as the vital source of value creation, the dividends for organisational health can be significant. Increasing focus on employee wellbeing results in a healthier and more inclusive culture, higher employee morale and engagement and a more attractive workplace for young talent.


Our Workplace Wellbeing Programme is designed to improve performance and productivity of teams through educating participants on the importance of looking after one’s own wellbeing as the foundation of a successful and sustainable career. We aim to inspire a culture of high performance through optimising personal and team wellbeing.

Programme Objectives


1. Demonstrate a tangible link between personal wellbeing & high performance at work

2. Educate participants on the importance of energy management as it relates to sustainable work-life integration and ways of working

3. Provide education, tools and resources in order to sustain and encourage a high performing workforce

4. Improve social connection between colleagues, break down silos and create a more attractive workplace culture


Key Benefits of Programme

  • Understand the link between wellbeing and high performance and apply practices to improve both wellbeing and performance
  • Gain a deep understanding of energy management and how to develop sustainable work-life integration
  • Optimise ways of working in the transition to a Hybrid Work model
  • Create a culture of wellness linked to high performance and boost team morale
  • Reduce employee stress, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • Build trust & connection and break down silos
  • Create healthier, happier and more resilient employees

Resilience & Emotional Fitness

Sleep & Performance

Sustainable Nutrition

Workday & Ways of Working

Mental Health

Stress Management

Communication & Social Connection

Physical Activity & Ergonomics

Rest & Recovery

Behaviour Change & Sustainable Habits

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