Our Accelerate to Leadership Programme


Aimed at mid to senior level managers, our Leadership Programmes comprise of a dynamic mix of theory, implementation, subject matter experts, group discussion and experiential learning in highly engaging physical and digital interactive formats.


Our leadership programmes are designed for individuals who need to build the capabilities to lead across national and international boundaries and will challenge them to become better leaders professionally and personally.


From setting your vision & mission to how to adopt a growth mindset, maximising your energy consistently for performance, perfecting your communication impact, cultivating a winning culture, leading high performance teams, through to total\leadership and leading your organisation through change, this programme is truly life-changing.


For maximum impact the Accelerate to Leadership Programme is delivered over 12 months to ensure that behavioural change is successfully embedded into you, your teams, leaders and organisation. Successful completion of the programme entitles the participant to receive a McNulty leadership diploma and to become a part of the McNulty Alumni family.


Most importantly successfully completing the programme ensures that the participants have the tools, skills and confidence to be a true authentic leader.

These programmes develop and transform leaders and high-potentials by:


  • Providing a deep understanding of self and how to leverage signature strengths
  • Aligning participants with the strategic direction of your organisation
  • Coaching on how to lead strategically and with more impact
  • Developing the resilience and agility to thrive in adversity and change
  • Creating personal accountability within teams and organisations
  • Improving confidence and capabilities as a personal leadership philosophy is established
  • Educating participants on how to communicate more efficiently and effectively throughout your organisation
  • Providing an understanding of the importance of strengthening and leveraging your network
  • Creating a sustainable culture of feedback within the organisation


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“McNulty’s innovative, creative and impactful 18-month training programme transformed me into being full of energy and confidence. This a must-have training programme for every single future leader”



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