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Corporate Training

At McNulty Performance, our mission is to transform potential into outstanding success. Situated in the vibrant heart of Dublin and serving clients worldwide, we specialise in bespoke Training & Development programmes that boost skills, enhance productivity, and foster an environment of continuous professional growth.
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Holistic Digital and in-person programmes

Elite Performance

McNulty’s holistic digital and in-person Training & Development programmes are science-based, research-driven and pitch-proven. With a diverse team from the corporate and elite performance fields the unique McNulty philosophy has transformed the people we have had the privilege to interact with, coach and learn from.

We cultivate personal relationships and partnerships to create programmes designed to ignite performance and drive impact.

Leadership, high performance and wellbeing are crucial in any career, and we seek to accelerate these through our unique programmes.

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Sport Performance Training
Sport Performance Training

Achieve your full potential with McNulty’s Pro Sport Programme. Elevate leadership, teamwork, and culture for lasting performance gains.

Rise Higher
Rise Higher

Excel in life with Rise Higher, Dublin’s exclusive wellbeing hub. Personalised programmes for performance and wellbeing.

Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership

Designed by women for women. Aimed at aspiring leaders hoping to accelerate career and personal development.

Why Partner with McNulty for Training & Development?

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our trainers are distinguished professionals with extensive experience in various industries. They bring practical insights and proven strategies to each training session, ensuring that your team benefits from the latest in thought leadership and innovation.

  • Tailored Training Solutions: Recognising the unique challenges and goals of each organisation, we offer fully customised training solutions. Our programmes are crafted to address the specific needs of your business, ensuring that every course has a direct impact on your organisational objectives.

  • Flexible Learning Formats: We employ a blended approach to training, combining face-to-face workshops, interactive virtual training sessions, and self-paced digital learning tools. This flexibility allows us to accommodate diverse learning styles and schedules, making it easy to integrate training into your busy calendar.

  • Tangible Outcomes: Our training is focused on producing measurable results. We equip your team with practical tools and skills that directly enhance their daily performance and strategic capabilities.

Our Comprehensive Training & Development Services

  • Leadership Development: Develop future leaders with training in strategic decision-making, effective communication, and leadership ethics. Our courses are designed to prepare individuals to lead with confidence and insight.
  • Team Building: Strengthen team dynamics and improve collaborative efforts through targeted workshops. These sessions are crafted to increase team cohesion and enhance workplace morale.
  • Performance Management: Advance your team’s performance with specialised training aligned to your business metrics and goals. We help you create a high-performance culture that is both sustainable and effective.
  • Skills Enhancement: Upgrade your team’s skill set with training in critical areas such as problem-solving, negotiation, and project management. Our courses are tailored to help your team tackle current and future industry challenges.
  • Change Management: Prepare your employees to handle organisational changes smoothly and effectively. Our change management training ensures your team has the resilience and adaptability to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

What Our Clients Say

Transformative Experiences

Discover how McNulty has empowered individuals, teams, and organisations to reach new heights of achievement and well-being through our unparalleled Training & Development, Executive Coaching Services.

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BMS New Jersey

“Many thanks to you and your team for bringing this together virtually for us! The energy and quality you bring to each session is above and beyond. You and your team’s insight and leadership techniques are invaluable. Lots of new perspectives to take in and implement to help myself and fellow participants grow personally and professionally!”

Tata logo.
Tata India

“The McNulty team have energy and passion in abundance. They are values-driven, humble, motivated by your potential, committed to your journeyand bound to supporting you along the way.”

Board Director

“Really well done to you and your team, for every ounce of McNulty energy you bring, you create 100-fold. You really hit the nail on the head. Thanks to you and the team.”

Amgen logo.
Amgen California
Programme Lead

“Thank you so much for an inspiring and engaging leadership session! I greatly enjoyed the time spent with the McNulty team. It’s a challenge to couple innovation and learning in a remote setting and your team brought that today”

Kingspan logo.
Kingspan UK
Product Manager

“After just 1 week with the McNulty Wellbeing sessions I can genuinely say my wellbeing has improved. The team were friendly, knowledgeable and completely engaging. Finally, informative sessions that taught us how to actually implement this into our daily lives in meaningful yet realistic ways. I have tips that I can literally implement at my desk in minutes! From the bottom of my heart, these sessions are precisely what teams in any business need right now”

Bristol Myers Squibb logo.
BMS Japan
Head of Manufacturing

“McNulty’s innovative, creative and impactful 18-month training programme transformed me into being full of energy and confidence.”


“I took so much from each module with each speaker having their own unique perspective and advice… Having completed the course I see the huge positive energy that exists within the McNulty team”

Interested in Training & Development?

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