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Leadership in a Time of Crisis with Martin Bailie

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Leadership in a Time of Crisis with Martin Bailie

Martin Bailie is a global retail leader whose life’s journey has taken him from county Down to Mumbai via Ireland, the UK and Germany.

He is someone with over twenty years’ experience in retail from Tesco to Lidl, Primark and now as CEO of Star Bazaar in India. On this episode of Rise Higher, he talks to Enda about his leadership style and key learnings from a business career that has spanned the globe.

He was only a few months in Mumbai when the pandemic began and his time there has been one focused on leading through a crisis whilst still adapting to new cultures, languages and practices.

But the same lessons he learned, honed and developed throughout his career have stood him in good stead and he describes the importance of self-care to allow you to lead, why empathy and compassion are so vital during these pandemic times, and how having an open mindset to allow for learning and re-learning leads to continued growth.

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