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Keynote Sessions

Empowering Leadership

A keynote sessions from McNulty, whether in front of your business or an online event taking in your globally dispersed teams, is never just a presentation – it’s a uniquely educating and inspiring performance. McNulty’s deliveries are honed by thousands of hours of experience in front of a combined audience of over 20,000 people in 50 countries.

McNulty event attendees in selfie with presenters, encapsulating 'Commit 2 Lead' enthusiasm.

Keynote Speakers

Our motivational keynote speakers’ passionate exploration of leadership, performance and wellbeing topics ensures an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Our Keynote speakers tell their story and make it relevant to you and your business needs and goals. No Keynote is ever the same – We always tailor it to your business and employee requirements!

Our Area of Expertise Include:


Leadership & Women In Leadership


Resilience & Emotional Intelligence


Managing Adversity & Change


Growth Mindset, DE&I & Sustainability


Building High Performance Teams & Teambuilding


How To Thrive In A Hybrid Working World


Cultivating a Winning and Motivated Culture


Virtual Communication & Engagement


Communication & Peak Performance


Executive Coaching & Performance

Wellebing&Energy ManagementIcon

Wellbeing & Energy Management


Workplace Wellbeing

“Really well done to you and your team, for every ounce of McNulty energy you bring, you create 100-fold. You really hit the nail on the head. Thanks to you and the team​”
Board Director

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What Our Clients Say

Transformative Experiences

Discover how McNulty has empowered individuals, teams, and organisations to reach new heights of achievement and well-being through our unparalleled Training & Development, Executive Coaching Services.

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BMS New Jersey

“Many thanks to you and your team for bringing this together virtually for us! The energy and quality you bring to each session is above and beyond. You and your team’s insight and leadership techniques are invaluable. Lots of new perspectives to take in and implement to help myself and fellow participants grow personally and professionally!”

Tata logo.
Tata India

“The McNulty team have energy and passion in abundance. They are values-driven, humble, motivated by your potential, committed to your journeyand bound to supporting you along the way.”

Board Director

“Really well done to you and your team, for every ounce of McNulty energy you bring, you create 100-fold. You really hit the nail on the head. Thanks to you and the team.”

Amgen logo.
Amgen California
Programme Lead

“Thank you so much for an inspiring and engaging leadership session! I greatly enjoyed the time spent with the McNulty team. It’s a challenge to couple innovation and learning in a remote setting and your team brought that today”

Kingspan logo.
Kingspan UK
Product Manager

“After just 1 week with the McNulty Wellbeing sessions I can genuinely say my wellbeing has improved. The team were friendly, knowledgeable and completely engaging. Finally, informative sessions that taught us how to actually implement this into our daily lives in meaningful yet realistic ways. I have tips that I can literally implement at my desk in minutes! From the bottom of my heart, these sessions are precisely what teams in any business need right now”

Bristol Myers Squibb logo.
BMS Japan
Head of Manufacturing

“McNulty’s innovative, creative and impactful 18-month training programme transformed me into being full of energy and confidence.”


“I took so much from each module with each speaker having their own unique perspective and advice… Having completed the course I see the huge positive energy that exists within the McNulty team”


Explore Our Suite of Impactful Programmes – Your Pathway to Excellence and Transformation Awaits.

Clear Filters

Accelerate your leadership journey with McNulty’s transformative program.

Remote and Hybrid Work
Remote and Hybrid Work

Embrace the future of work with McNulty’s Hybrid & Remote Work Programme. Discover how to optimise teamwork, manage energy, and foster a positive, inclusive company culture in a remote or hybrid work model.

High Performance Teams
High Performance Teams

Unlock exceptional team performance with McNulty’s High Performance Team Programme. Enhance trust, collaboration, and peak performance.

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