Make it a Flourishing Festive Christmas with our 5 Fs Plan


Our gift to you this Christmas is a plan to help you flourish over Christmas from a family, friendship, fitness and focus point of view.

Flourishing is about making the most out of your life, the opposite of suffering and negativity.  It doesn’t just happen, you have to plan for it and allow yourself to get into the flourishing state.

With that in mind, let Enda McNulty, CEO of McNulty Performance, take you through the 5 Fs for flourishing at Christmas time: Family, Fitness, Festivities, Food and Focus.

“Every year I train on Christmas Day by going for a run and have been doing so since I was 14 years of age,” says Enda.  “I urge people to think about planning your Christmas to maximise it and allow you to flourish over the holiday period.”

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