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Train the Trainer – 3-Day Event with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Unleashing Potential with Amazon Web Services (AWS) – A Phenomenal Team Event!

We’re thrilled to share the incredible journey we embarked on during a remarkable 3-day event in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our international team united for an experience like no other.

Dates: July, 12-14, 2023
Number of Respondents: 10
Location: McNulty Performance HQ

Throughout these dynamic days, we achieved:

Bringing together diverse talents for a common goal.

Gaining valuable knowledge to drive growth.

Fostering inspiration for peak performance.

Embracing activities that strengthened bonds.

Nurturing relationships for success.

Equipping for high-performance achievements.
Equipping for high-performance achievements.

This event showcased the power of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence. Together, we celebrated progress, growth, and our unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable results.

Special thanks to our partners: Enda McNulty, Shauna Cassidy, Neil Morris, Padraic Moyles, Megan Morrissey, and the entire AWS team, for making this collaboration an unforgettable success!

Attendees' Feedback: Voices of Impact

Discover the thoughts and experiences of those who joined us for this extraordinary event. Here’s what our attendees had to say about their journey through the 3-day collaboration with AWS Amazon.


“Prepared, engaging, earned our trust”

“Full of useful insights delivered by experts, equipping us with the fundamental tools we need to be inspiring and effective trainers ourselves”

“Informative, practical tips, high energy”

“Very informative trainers with relevant work example”

“Well prepared”


“Engaging, motivating, on point”

“Prepared and ready”

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