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We believe in preparing our future female leaders with education, support and practical tools and techniques relevant to their world. That’s why we developed the Together We Rise women in leadership programme, tailored to the women ready to realise their potential and rise to be the future leaders of our generation.


Unlike many other women in leadership programmes, Together We Rise has been created, designed, developed by women for women. Gender-relevant leadership skills make all the difference. We researched the top leadership skills women look to develop to advance in their careers and outperform peers in the workplace. Aimed at aspiring or developing leaders hoping to accelerate their career and personal development, this programme has been designed to strengthen leadership skills and overcome challenges specifically faced by women.


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On completing Together We Rise, you’ll walk away with:


1. Tools and frameworks to boost your confidence and refine your personal brand and leadership purpose.


2. The skills to manage challenges women commonly face in the workplace, such as having difficult conversations, leading teams, and dealing with complexity.


3. Leadership strategies to help you progress in your career and prepare for the future, while driving excellent personal and team performance.


4. Stories and lessons from successful women in various industries with our “Be the Boss like..” series


5. Cutting-edge ideas about leadership and tried and-tested techniques you can apply to overcome the unique challenges faced by women in leadership


6. Greater confidence and a better understanding of your personal leadership style, enabling you to implement and lead change effectively within your business


7. Professional coaching and mentorship to develop clear aims for your ongoing personal and professional development


8. A peer network of women growing and succeeding in senior roles around the world


Learn more about the benefits, goals, module overview and dates of the Together We Rise programme by downloading our brochure.

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Join us for a unique experience to boost your confidence and prepare you for the next stage in your career!

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“My participation in a year-long leadership program was awe-inspiring to say the least.  My time spent with the McNulty team encouraged me to challenge myself on a day to day basis to ensure not just leadership of my team at work but rather Total Leadership.  

 Being able to change lives, build relationships and develop leaders in a remote environment is no small task and McNulty accomplished it with ease.”

Crystal Stelick, Associate Director, BMS Syracuse

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