How to Achieve High Performance with Katrina Steady

How to Achieve High Performance with Katrina Steady

Katrina Steady is someone Enda first came across and got to know over eight years ago. As a performance and resilience coach she teaches people how to achieve high performance in every walk of life.

During her career, Katrina has coached US soldiers, CEOs, business leaders and executives and in this interview, she explains to Enda what resilience really is and how it can be learned.

“We face adversity, we take a risk, and we come back from it,” Katrina tells Enda. “It comes with failures, it’s putting yourself out there, it’s failing, it’s making a mistake, it’s learning from it, because with failure comes growth.”

Katrina also discusses her work with the military and how many of the same principles of resilience, leadership and trust can be applied to work and family life and how listening and connecting are so important, now more than ever before.

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