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Develop Your Emotional Fitness & Self-Care with Dr. Mary Collins

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Develop Your Emotional Fitness & Self-Care with Dr. Mary Collins

Enda first met Alan Kelly in 1999 when the Armagh football team were going well in the Ulster Championship.

He had heard of Alan as a man who worked wonders with some of the country’s leading athletes on their physio and injuries. DJ Carey, Nicky English, Maurice Fitzgerald….these were just some of the leading names he was working with before also going on to work with Brian O’Driscoll, Peter Canavan, Padraig Harrington, the Dublin football team – a who’s who of elite Irish sports stars.

But then ‘the Great AK’ as he was known had to face his own battles away from the pitch, battling years and years of multiple cancers that just wouldn’t go away. From being told he had months, weeks, even hours to live, he fought and never gave up. He wasn’t afraid of dying, but he wanted to live, to be given a fighter’s chance to see another day.

Alan’s story is one of resilience, hope, inspiration and belief. Belief that you will come through stronger, and belief in living, making the most of what’s in front of you, one small step at a time.

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