Rise Higher is the new eight-part podcast series from Enda McNulty, Ireland’s leading performance coach. You’ll hear from leaders and experts about pushing what’s possible in terms of building well-being and resilience so that you not only survive but thrive and rise higher.

You’re going to get inspired, educated and motivated and on this the first episode in the series, Enda is joined by Nick Winkelman, the IRFU’s Head of Athletic Performance and Science. Nick talks to Enda about the importance of one’s ability to adapt, especially now more than ever before; how to overcome the negative energy that pervades during a pandemic; and how the language of coaching can have such a vital impact on teams in sport and the workplace.

Nick asks the listeners to consider what opportunities Covid has presented that you want to bring with you after the pandemic ends and he gives some great practical tips on how to regain your presence and emerge stronger from this current crisis. “If people can do one thing after listening to this,” Nick says. “It is to find a mirror and look at themselves and allow themselves for a moment to accept and believe in who they are and allow the world to see who they are.” You can read more of Nick’s teachings in his book, ‘The Language of Coaching’, available now on Amazon.

Listen and subscribe to the Rise Higher series on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. For more information on performance, resilience and leadership, visit McNultyPerformance.com. Rise Higher was produced by LastCastMedia.com